Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Week 1 results

Nutrition: B
Activity: C-/D

Week 1 goals were to:
~Attack my soda consumption. For now, I can drink tea, water, gatorades, etc., but am only allowed 2 soda's this week.
Status: Close but no cigar. I almost made it w/ only 2 soda's, but ruined it on a stressful Sunday evening with my 3rd. Still, it is an improvement. Other healthy behaviors emerged as a result of this goal - for example, my water consumption increased (but so did my sweet tea consumption :)

~Eat a healthy breakfast - I have been skipping this all too important meal for several months now.
Status: 86%; I ate breakfast every morning of the week, which is great, and 6 of those 7 meals involved healthy foods, though likely still not enough calories.

~Walk my dog for at least 60 minutes
Status: 100%, goal met

~Walk briskly (3.5-3.9 mph) for at least 60 minutes
Status: 75%; walked for 45 minutes

~Easy run for at least 40 min (b/w 4.9-5.3 mph)
Status: 63%; ran @ 5.1 mph for 25 minutes, BUT, my knee was bothering me a bit, so I did do the elliptical for 30 additional minutes

~Pilates x3
Status: 33% - only able to do x1

I definitely had more success w/ the nutrition aspect this week, but hope to improve next week in both areas. That is what life is, right, continual improvement...

Other healthy behaviors that emerged as a result of my new view of health and nutrition were: eating a taco instead of a huge burrito at Moe's, not ordering cheese dip all week which is HUGE for me, snacking on pickles at night instead of grabbing a 100 calorie pack, and substituting grilled chicken for fried chicken all week. Also, I only had 1 migraine this week, and it did not last as long as usual, turning quickly into a regular bad headache.

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