Saturday, November 17, 2007


Are you asking yourself what the title means? I thought so. These are a few of the letters in KNO-MO's name that almost make up the word Heisman. Hmmm, maybe that nickname is pushing it. Anyway, that is how close is he is from being mentioned with the likes of Tebow, Dixon and McFadden. He more that makes up the missing letters "I" and "A" with his "I"nstinct and his "A"ttitude.

Sorry for getting carried away. I think I bonked my head and got a KNOt on my heard or something, but whatever, this kid would be a leading candidate if he had started from day one. I think he has a legitimate shot of winning the Heisman in the next couple of years. As you can tell from the picture, he hasn't fully gotten the pose down yet. In fact, he is stiff-arming with the wrong arm. KNO big deal, the truth is, you can't KNOck his game. Remember to stay tuned for upcoming seasons as he perfects this pose.


Head and Shoulder's above

Just another one of the many celebrations on the day. It got a little tight halfway through the game, but the Dawgs finally put it together and showed a glimpse of what we can expect in the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More BLACKOUT photos

Me and Robin

Brent, Jess, Robin, Marcus, and Will

Brent and his t-shirt that everyone loved! I actually bought this for him as one of his "miss you" gifts while he was in Korea
We had SO much fun! It was an awesome game, the team was pumped, the fans were pumped and crazy, it was the 2nd loudest that Sanford Stadium has ever been in all the times I've attended.


The team after warm-ups, getting their "trickeration" on...I've heard that only the seniors knew that they were definitely wearing black jerseys, that after warm-ups, they went to the locker room for their quiet time, which involves turning off the lights apparently, and when the lights came back on, the black jerseys were there!

The ARCH by the Redcoats

Running onto the field to the music of "Back in Black" by ACDC

Hairy Dawg, in his own black jersey, waving the flag after one of our MANY touchdowns.

Georgia Football Fun

Watch out world! A future DAWG coming your way!!!

My sweet Chas showing his UGA spirit. He is wearing these to create some good luck for the GA-Auburn game, and also in anticipation of his upcoming football season.

Me and Colby at a game - she missed Athens so much she had to come and get a taste of the fabulousness.
Our game friends with us in 113 - Will and Ronnie

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Knowshon is a scoring machine. Give him the ball and most of the time he is good for 6. Our defense is still suspect, so it is a good thing we have this beast in the backfield. Keep doing your thing Knowshon.

It is too bad Kno(limit)shon didn't start from game 1. He is only 600 yards away from Herschel's freshman record. Just imagine if he had more carries during those first 3 to 4 games. He still has an outside shot, but he will have to average over 200 a game for the next 3. Due up: Auburn, Kentucky and the Techies. I believe we can win out and have a possible shot at another SEC Title. It will be tough, but I think we can do it.

You're about to see a whole lot of #24 Urban

Man, Mark is a great guy. Here he is telling Urban how this game is gonna go. Check out Urban smirking in disbelief.

Georgia finally came out and showed some heart. I wasn't sure if they had this type of performance in them. I told Jess I expected to squeak out a win or to get worked like a part time job in a blowout. I hope you all enjoyed watching this great game as much as I did.

Take in some of the pictures that were taken during and following the game. Truly awesome!

We'll be in top-10 after this Vic

Kno Limit, I thought I told ya....

Whoa, that was my wife dog... I don't play that

This is what I am talking about