Monday, October 31, 2005


Hey there - it has been a LONG time I know. Jess is my name, whirlwind is my game. School is...going, I guess. I'm always behind it seems - a good day for me is when I'm only a day or two behind :) I know some of you can understand that.

GA v. FL was devastating - our offense should have made an appearance before the second quarter, and Coutu - well, needless to say, it should have been 16 to 14. But, oh well, we just have to win all of our remaining games. But Jason and Kobi and I had a great time watching the game, eating wonderful (and not so healthy) snacks, calling Brent to wake him up to watch the game, and scaring the pets while screaming at the television. A pretty good Saturday :)

Another movie recommendation - The Legend of Zorro - Jonathan and I enjoyed it very much.

That's all for now - I'll write more later and post some pics for you - Love - Jess

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

On life and living

Chinese proverb:
With money, you can buy a house but not a home, a clock but not time, a bed but not sleep, sex but not love, a book but not knowledge, a doctor but not good health, a position but not respect, blood but not life.

Friendship is only as strong as the effort you put into it. Respect, trust, loyalty, love, LIFE, all have one thing in common - a 2-way street.

Love, Jess

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm coming in...... it's LATE!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in to see how everyone was doing. I just got finished with my homework and it is 1:30 in the morning for me. I am very tired, but I have been meaning to post something new. There isn't much going on here except the same old stuff. I go to PT three days a week at 0600 and run 3 miles or so, I go to work for 10 hours, go to football practice, eat dinner in my room, talk to the best wife in da world and then I spend about 3-4 hours on my homework. Do I live a boring life or what? To answer my own question, YES! However, it is great for me because the time is cruising along now. I did play golf this weekend and I enjoyed it very much. I shot an 88. It is a little better than last time, but I am still doing some stupid stuff that drives me crazy. I officially have 68 days until I head back to GA and I am extremely excited. GA is an awesome place- I know you all saw the Dawgs beat down those Volunteers. Heck yeah! It is tough living in the dorms because there are so many different states represented here. I run into some sort of SEC fan on a daily basis and of course they are always talking trash about how UGA is overrated. Whatever! I also get into discussions about which conference is the toughest. It is a known fact, so I am not even going to say it.
Anyway, I need to get to bed. "I shall return" <---------- $5 bucks for the person that knows what movie that came from- not you Jess.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Random thoughts

It is Monday night - three more days to go until I can breathe again and midterms and midterm papers will be OVER!

Latest news - nothing really - I don't lead the most exciting life. I have had the opportunity to visit with friends and family this week. AND, GA beat TN -- woo-hoo!!

I think I may be an official runner now - Cash and I ran in the rain last week. It felt WONDERFUL and COOL. I also took my new bike out for a spin - no accidents to report, unless you consider my near cardiac arrest. I was blissfully riding along and them - BAM!! - two dogs run out in front of me, barking and snapping. I had this whole scene in my head - I was going to run into them, wreck while my feet were clipped in, and either get attacked by the dogs or smashed by a car. Fortunately for me (and for the millions of people who love me dearly), that did not happen. I kept riding along, yelling at the dogs, and finally passed them. I did have to stop soon afterwards, because my knees were shaking so badly from the fear/adrenaline rush that I could no longer pedal.

Song clip that is sustaining me this week - "But you never said it would be easy. You only said I'd never go alone." - Ginny Owens

Come on Kob and Charlton, say it with me - "God is good all the time, and all the time....God is good".

Love - Jess

This next part is for ALIAS fans - if you don't care, don't read :-)
- What is the deal with Curtis repeatedly saying "You have no idea what you are involved in..." I get the feeling he was saying that because the stupid writers of the show have NO IDEA where we go from here.
- So now, Weiss is leaving. And he doesn't even get a decent goodbye. How unclassy! So, that leaves Sidney with no one in her life but her dad and Dixon. Scary.
- WHY wasn't (and isn't) Sidney more upset???
- Who is the dead guy? There is NO WAY it is Rambaldi.
- Not too thrilled about the new cast members.
- It can't get much worse can it? It has to get better, right? Right?
That's it for me - have to get back to studying...until next time.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


That's the grade I give to the latest ALIAS episode - what a disappointment it was, what a letdown. If you watch ALIAS, you know exactly what I am talking about. It used to be the highlight of my week - I have to find another show I guess (sob...sob...). So, yes, ALIAS comes on tonight, blah blah blah. If you want to read an entertaining and honest assessment of the show (and my current heartbreak), go to, click on ALIAS, and read away. Beware - the author is upset (and rightfully so) and uses some ... colorful language.

Does this also mean I have to change my blog name? Maybe it could be super-babe wannabe after all :)

The latest news from me:
-- Visited the Jones' up in Rome, GA and attended Coach Jones' football game. Got to catch up w/ Mrs. Janie and Connie, as well as hang out with Kobi, Hollie (and sweet Emma), and my bro Jonathan. Was able to take Johnny Cash (my pup) along - he had SO much fun as there were many playmates for him.
-- Went to see Serenity with Jonathan - very interesting movie - we enjoyed it. (A couple of weeks ago we also watched The Brothers Grimm - I highly recommend it.)
-- Visited church w/ friends, and then received first bike-riding lesson, which included me falling (imagine that :). I was learning how to clip my shoes into my pedals, and forgot to clip out before I tried to "park". Sarah, Nate, and Jonathan didn't laugh too much, and I was not hurt too badly (2 scratches, 2 bruises - overall, a pretty good day for me :). Believe me, after that, I don't think it will happen again - it was a good lesson.
-- Fed by friends on Tuesday (Mandy and Ben) - I'm all about the free and great-tasting food :)
-- Finally got to see Jill - its been forever! - we met up for a work-out and Jason (my office-mate and friend) finally returned from Hawaii - its good to have him back - the office was WAY TOO QUIET.
-- In the middle of midterms, trying to stay afloat. If I can survive until next Thursday, it is a good indicator that I'll survive the semester.
-- I talk with Brent whenever I get the opportunity - we only have a little over 70 days to go until he comes home for a quick visit!

I will keep in touch and send more pics soon.
Love - Jess