Monday, October 10, 2005

Random thoughts

It is Monday night - three more days to go until I can breathe again and midterms and midterm papers will be OVER!

Latest news - nothing really - I don't lead the most exciting life. I have had the opportunity to visit with friends and family this week. AND, GA beat TN -- woo-hoo!!

I think I may be an official runner now - Cash and I ran in the rain last week. It felt WONDERFUL and COOL. I also took my new bike out for a spin - no accidents to report, unless you consider my near cardiac arrest. I was blissfully riding along and them - BAM!! - two dogs run out in front of me, barking and snapping. I had this whole scene in my head - I was going to run into them, wreck while my feet were clipped in, and either get attacked by the dogs or smashed by a car. Fortunately for me (and for the millions of people who love me dearly), that did not happen. I kept riding along, yelling at the dogs, and finally passed them. I did have to stop soon afterwards, because my knees were shaking so badly from the fear/adrenaline rush that I could no longer pedal.

Song clip that is sustaining me this week - "But you never said it would be easy. You only said I'd never go alone." - Ginny Owens

Come on Kob and Charlton, say it with me - "God is good all the time, and all the time....God is good".

Love - Jess

This next part is for ALIAS fans - if you don't care, don't read :-)
- What is the deal with Curtis repeatedly saying "You have no idea what you are involved in..." I get the feeling he was saying that because the stupid writers of the show have NO IDEA where we go from here.
- So now, Weiss is leaving. And he doesn't even get a decent goodbye. How unclassy! So, that leaves Sidney with no one in her life but her dad and Dixon. Scary.
- WHY wasn't (and isn't) Sidney more upset???
- Who is the dead guy? There is NO WAY it is Rambaldi.
- Not too thrilled about the new cast members.
- It can't get much worse can it? It has to get better, right? Right?
That's it for me - have to get back to studying...until next time.

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