Friday, December 29, 2006

My News

I am sorry everyone... I haven't been a great blogger for the past couple of months. Who am I kidding- I have never been even an average blogger.

My exciting and scary news is that I am finally out of the Air Force. I separated from active duty on Friday- the 22nd of December. I am officially on terminal leave until Jan 19, 2007, and then begin my time in the Air National Guard. Terminal leave means I get paid until that dreadful day in January. Leaving the Air Force is the exciting news. Leaving the Air Force is also the scary news, especially when adding the pressure of having to find a new job. I have had a few leads, but either their hours weren't for me or the money wasn't where I needed it to be. So, Jess and I are still going through the process of finding a job that can pay our bizills (bills).

I am very excited about finally being able to live at home. It is awesome seeing Jess everyday. It is like we just got married all over again. The pets aren't used to me yet... they probably thought that I was some kind of boyfriend that only comes over to visit on the weekends. They will figure out that I am there for good in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, that is my exciting and scary news. Remember, hook a brotha' up if you have any leads on a job. I do, however, want to stay in Athens. I want to work close to where I live for once in my life. Commuting stinks and I feel bad for those that have to do it in their current jobs. If you don't have any leads, just keep Jess and I in your prayers for a job to come along- and soon! Talk to you later.



We would really like to thank those of you who kept us in your thoughts and prayers during this experience. In addition, we would like to offer a special thank you to those who took the time to keep us company as well, remembering that though Brent returned home (to the U.S.), he wasn't really home, and the situation still called for super-friends to battle the loneliness and separation blues. So, a special thanks to MKVG and Thad (and family) for cooking for Brent and taking him bowling down in WR, and to Jason, Kobi, Mom, and Jonathan for visiting Jess at her home and/or always inviting her to eat/drink coffee in ATH. You can't know how much your efforts meant to us. Another special thanks to our neighbor Sally, our wonderful dog-sitter - without her, Jess would never have survived the semester. Lastly, thanks to our folks (Brent's folks) for letting us use (for free!) their wonderful camper as a temporary residence.

Love - Jess and Brent

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December already?

The verdict is in…I am officially too isolated and lonely. I was at the coffeehouse (again), and I started up a conversation with some random person. Several seconds into the conversation, I realize that I am one of those people! Oh nooooooooooooooooo!

Anyway, not much going on here. Just winding down the semester with finals, giving them and taking them.

Summary of events since…goodness, was October the last blog? Lots of events to summarize. Hmmm…

Suffered through an election in which negative publicity was the standard. It was amazing that we were asked to vote for people who had to say absolutely nothing about what they had done, what they were doing, or what they were going to do in the future for their constituents. The only requirement was to talk trash about their opponent. So, now we get to vote for people based upon…who is the most persuasive trash-talker, I guess.

Trip to the ASHA convention in Miami to present a poster session with colleagues and mentors. Had a GREAT time, though Miami must be one of the most unattractive cities I’ve ever visited.

Robin, Dr. Marshall, Dr. Andreatta, Dr. Bothe, me, Jason

My wonderful mentor, Dr. A (aka "Coach" or "Rico")

Jason and I by our poster

My brother and sister-in-law were baptized – wow, what a wonderful day that was!

Holidays…Thanksgiving w/ both sides of my family and w/ Brent’s family (including visitors from Chicago), housewarming party for my extended family, GA-GT game (woo-hoo!) with friends and fam, and…that is about it I believe.

Hangin' w/ Brent's extended fam, low country boil style after a big GA game

Jonathan and Ansley - she LOVES him!

Baby shower for a friend who is having her first.

Brent and I are expecting two new nephews (or nieces) :)

Brent has some exciting (and scary) news that I will let him share with you later. Meanwhile, we are freezing our behinds off - we both have gas heat at our separate residences, and cannot afford to keep it very warm. We were talking on the phone the other night, both of our teeth chattering, and we were INSIDE! Crazy...come on warm weather.

That’s all for now folks. I will post pictures from all of these events after finals.

Love ya - Jess