Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For the Grey's Anatomy junkies

Here are some excerpts that I love from my TWoP site. The author was discussing the season finale. The review of the latest episode has not been updated yet, but it should be before Thursday. I can't wait for the review, because I'm sure they feel, as I do, that there should have been SOME explanation of how the folks got "the plague"...I mean really...and why did the show go all "LOST" with the flashbacks???

If you would like to visit TWoP, just go over to the right side of my blog and click on the TWoP link. Enjoy!


"Callie's all ready for the prom, but she's mad as hell at George. He follows her through the hospital and asks where she's going. Callie: "I'm wearing a dress, I have on heels, I shaved my legs, I'm going to the prom." What I will never understand is why the stylists on this show feel the need to dress Callie in some of the most unflattering outfits I've ever seen put on a body, when she is clearly this gorgeous specimen of woman and deserving of so much more. Keckler has a theory that they're doing this because Callie's going to turn out to be a nutbag, but I think it's just as simple as the fact that they don't know how to dress a person with thighs bigger around than a number two pencil."

"McDreamy says he would give anything not to be looking at her. So, you know...then they kiss. And I want to hate them. I do! Alas, I cannot. Because Patrick Dempsey is really, really pretty."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hey everyone, I am checking in again with some pretty good news. No, the available in the title isn't what you think... I am happily married- sorry ladies. I got some good news about getting out of the Air Force and finishing up in the Guard. This is a lot better because I will be able to live at home with Jess and I will only have to do the AF thing on weekends (1 weekend a month). It still isn't 100% for sure, but it is looking pretty good. So, back to the available. I am available for a job in the near future, so be on the lookout for me in the IT/Telecommuncations world. I have tried the online job websites, but they're not bringing the results that I desperately need. However, they can bring me better results for a mere $150 bucks- what a scam! Did you not hear me? I need a job... hence-to-forth, I don't have the $150 smackers. Anyway, this is my update for now. I will bring more news as I get it. Until then, pray for Jess and I as we go further in this process. It is scary! Talk to you soon.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Special visit with my aunt

My Aunt Esther came to town for a League of Women Voters conference, and stopped for a quick beverage and a chat with Brent and I in downtown Athens. It was great to see her and catch up on the family.

Hilton Head recap

Several years ago, we visited Hilton Head Island with some friends and had a great time. This Labor Day, we decided to take a trip and get away, and Hilton Head seemed like a great idea. It is pet friendly (dogs allowed on beach during certain hours) and there are also bike trails all over the island. So, despite the warnings and the Hurricane Ernesto "remnants", we decided to pack up the dog, our gear, and our bikes, and go anyway.

And we were so glad that we did. We did pass through one pretty horrible storm on the way there, and just knew our excursion was doomed. But we broke through, and then it was sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine.

We took Mr. Cash to the beach several times. This was quite a learning experience. Word to the wise, if you have never taken your pup to the beach: BEWARE. Cash loved the beach, he loved the water. And when he got hot, he drank the water. And when he had to pee or poo, he tried to do that in the water as well. I noticed at one point that he was assuming the position for a #2, and tried to quickly get him out of the water up on to the beach so I could clean up after him. I was successful - we made it onto the sand - but while he was getting out of the water, he got smacked in the behind with a big huge wave. We wouldn't know the ramifications of this until later.

We get back to the room with our tired pup, and he was looking a little worse for the wear. His eyes were red from the saltwater, and he was acting like he didn't feel too well. He drank lots of freshwater, and then threw it up. He told us that he had to go outside, and when he did, geysers of water were spewing from both holes. Poor puppy. We felt so badly for him.

But he was recovered by the morning, and when we took him to the beach the next day, he was even more excited than before! We were much more careful though to limit his amount of time in the saltwater - we spent a lot of time throwing the frisbee on the sand. He had quite a crowd watching him - he has some impressive acrobatic skills.

As for Brent and myself, we rode bikes, did some window shopping, had a few good eats, and hung out at the beach just a little bit. We had a great time, even if it was just for a day and a half. We will definitely go back - beach-friendly and biker-friendly?????????? You can't beat that with a stick!

\/ Here is a pic of Mr. Cash on the ride home - he was VERY tired. He is sleeping on my Burberry that Kobi scored for me in NY.

MasterCard commercial

Pet fee at the Quality Inn.................$35 a night

Portable water bowl for the dog......$5

Parking for public beach.................$0.50 an hour

Watching Cash play on the beach, fulfilling my dream for my dear old Onyx

Catching up: III

Those of you who have a cat (or cats) can completely relate to this picture. Napopo loves bags - plastic bags, paper bags, cloth bags, backpacks, suitcases, you name it. He loves to crawl in, hide, and sleep. My bro was spending the night one evening, and after a long day of yard work, wanted to make a pillow for me as a gift. The cat took advantage of this opportunity to take a nap in the bag of stuffing. It was so funny looking. I was just careful to make sure every now and again that he was still breathing.

Catching up: II

My bro's first halftime - He is a "fresh-meat" drumline member. He did a great job in the pit and marching on the field as well.

It was an odd experience, watching the H.S. football team, watching him during halftime. I feel so OLD!!!!!!!

Catching up: I

One of Brent's welcome home gatherings with family at Athens Hilltop Grille. My Aunt Irene made the special trip - she is in her mid-90's now, can you believe it???

Thursday, September 07, 2006

...I hate the phone, but I wish you'd call...

Brent and I were driving in the car over Labor Day Weekend (finally, we went on a trip!), and we heard these lyrics - "and I hate the phone, but I wish you'd call" from a song titled "Fear you won't fall" by Joshua Radin. We looked at each other immediately - oh, can we ever relate!

How canst thou miscommunicate over the phone?....Let me count the ways..........

So, here are some borrowed, but fitting, thoughts I found on the subject:
Many people assume that the long distance relationship (or, for the purposes of this essay, the LDR) is a modern custom, born of technology—airplanes and telephones and Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. But it is actually an ancient ritual—the origins of the phrase ‘LDR’ can be traced to a Latin root roughly equivalent to “spend a lot of money and be miserable.” ...

Anyone who has ever been in one knows that the lifeblood of the long distance relationship is the written word. ...

If the written word is the lifeblood of the LDR, then the phone call is the cholesterol. On paper, you tend to be more reflective and less likely to overreact. But even if you do exaggerate, you still have the option of reconsidering your words before mailing your letter. With the phone you don’t have the luxury of a cooling-off period. You’re often lonely and feeling betrayed by the distance, which causes you to take it out on the other person. This leads to a lot of fights. And the most frustrating aspect of arguing on the phone is not the fact that you can’t see the other person or even the preclusion of instant-gratification-make-up [activities]. Instead, it’s that no matter what the topic or how angry you might be, the only thought going through your mind the entire time is, “I’m paying 25 cents a minute to be yelled at.” And this makes you angrier, which makes you fight more, which costs more money.

You would think that talking on the phone was just like talking face to face. But it’s not. You don’t have the opportunity to read facial expressions. You can’t see body language. Talking on the phone is not the same as talking in person just as speaking Latin is not the same as speaking Italian. Although some of the words are the same, there’s still going to be an awful lot of miscommunication. ...

If a relationship is like a rope, then distance is an anvil tied to the end of the rope—if the relationship is even slightly frayed, the distance will eventually snap it. If you can avoid LDRs you’ll have more happiness, more money and more [intimacy]. There is little to recommend them.

---Gary Cozine

Can I get an Amen?

Jess and Brent