Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For the Grey's Anatomy junkies

Here are some excerpts that I love from my TWoP site. The author was discussing the season finale. The review of the latest episode has not been updated yet, but it should be before Thursday. I can't wait for the review, because I'm sure they feel, as I do, that there should have been SOME explanation of how the folks got "the plague"...I mean really...and why did the show go all "LOST" with the flashbacks???

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"Callie's all ready for the prom, but she's mad as hell at George. He follows her through the hospital and asks where she's going. Callie: "I'm wearing a dress, I have on heels, I shaved my legs, I'm going to the prom." What I will never understand is why the stylists on this show feel the need to dress Callie in some of the most unflattering outfits I've ever seen put on a body, when she is clearly this gorgeous specimen of woman and deserving of so much more. Keckler has a theory that they're doing this because Callie's going to turn out to be a nutbag, but I think it's just as simple as the fact that they don't know how to dress a person with thighs bigger around than a number two pencil."

"McDreamy says he would give anything not to be looking at her. So, you know...then they kiss. And I want to hate them. I do! Alas, I cannot. Because Patrick Dempsey is really, really pretty."


Anonymous said...

need confirmation on 11/4
need to inform the safe house of your overnight stay

Anonymous said...

Hello Syd - Just thinking of you. I've rewatched Season 1 of our show, one episode per night. It was fabulous.
We are unable to confirm on the safehouse for 11/4. This will be an in-and-out operation due to the fact that we must get back to our puppy. But thank you SO MUCH for the offer. -- Love ya -- Anna