Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hilton Head recap

Several years ago, we visited Hilton Head Island with some friends and had a great time. This Labor Day, we decided to take a trip and get away, and Hilton Head seemed like a great idea. It is pet friendly (dogs allowed on beach during certain hours) and there are also bike trails all over the island. So, despite the warnings and the Hurricane Ernesto "remnants", we decided to pack up the dog, our gear, and our bikes, and go anyway.

And we were so glad that we did. We did pass through one pretty horrible storm on the way there, and just knew our excursion was doomed. But we broke through, and then it was sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine.

We took Mr. Cash to the beach several times. This was quite a learning experience. Word to the wise, if you have never taken your pup to the beach: BEWARE. Cash loved the beach, he loved the water. And when he got hot, he drank the water. And when he had to pee or poo, he tried to do that in the water as well. I noticed at one point that he was assuming the position for a #2, and tried to quickly get him out of the water up on to the beach so I could clean up after him. I was successful - we made it onto the sand - but while he was getting out of the water, he got smacked in the behind with a big huge wave. We wouldn't know the ramifications of this until later.

We get back to the room with our tired pup, and he was looking a little worse for the wear. His eyes were red from the saltwater, and he was acting like he didn't feel too well. He drank lots of freshwater, and then threw it up. He told us that he had to go outside, and when he did, geysers of water were spewing from both holes. Poor puppy. We felt so badly for him.

But he was recovered by the morning, and when we took him to the beach the next day, he was even more excited than before! We were much more careful though to limit his amount of time in the saltwater - we spent a lot of time throwing the frisbee on the sand. He had quite a crowd watching him - he has some impressive acrobatic skills.

As for Brent and myself, we rode bikes, did some window shopping, had a few good eats, and hung out at the beach just a little bit. We had a great time, even if it was just for a day and a half. We will definitely go back - beach-friendly and biker-friendly?????????? You can't beat that with a stick!

\/ Here is a pic of Mr. Cash on the ride home - he was VERY tired. He is sleeping on my Burberry that Kobi scored for me in NY.

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Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

He looks like he is exhausted.