Monday, May 29, 2006

TRI - We had to show off the tattoos

Our entire team - guys and gals - sported the super-G tattoo. I wore it until it began to wear off 5 days later.

TRI - After the race

As I approached the finish line, all 12 of the UGA folks were there cheering me on. It was so powerful, and tears came to my eyes. I was proud to finish, proud to accomplish this, and touched that these wonderful people were there to cheer me on. The atmosphere at this race was uplifting and charged and, well, amazing.

The post-race spread is wonderful. The people who sponsor the race know that you have been living off of salads and necessary carbs and gatorades and Clif and Luna bars and gel shots and...the list goes on and on. So, after you finish the race, there is fruit and animal crackers and oreos and hot dogs and mountain dews and...well, more non-diet-y stuff! It was great.

TRI - The transition area

into T2
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This is the transition area. No, before you get excited, that is NOT me - believe me, I do not (yet) look that good in our uniform. That is Sarah, our team president.
The transition areas are crazy. You run up from the beach (barefoot) into this area, put on your bike gear, and go for a ride. You must remember to have your number exposed on your back and your helmet. You must not mount the bike too early.
After the bike, you come into this area, park your bike, and transition to run. You must remember to turn your number so that it is now displayed on the front. Unfortunately we had two guys lose points (2 minute penalties) for not remembering this :(

TRI - Ready, Set, Go!

get set, go!
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The one in the back of the pack in red is me. I was so nervous! The swim was a beach start. It was delayed because of the fog. It was 56 degrees outside, and the water was 68 degrees. I was freezing all morning until I was in the water, and then I was thinking about many other things, such as the arms and legs that were hitting me, and the mouthfuls of lake water I was ingesting, that I forgot the cold. I panicked slightly (well, more than slightly :). I had to pull back and tread water until my group pulled ahead, and then I begin to swim. I really didn't find my rhythm until the second turn.

TRI - Packing up

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Packing up the cars on Friday before the triathlon. This car carried 6 bikes!

We drove up to Clemson Friday afternoon. One of the team member's parents put us up in their house for the night - 13 of us! And, they even fed us - ALL OF US! And we are talking some HUNGRY carb-loading boys and girls. They made spaghetti - the real kind - and fresh salad and fruit. They were so nice and generous.

We went to the race site and drove the course - this is when my real sickness began. The hills...and then there were more hills...and then after that, even more. I honestly thought that I was going to cry.

That night, our uniforms arrived at around 10pm, just when we were trying to settle in. But of course, the uniforms had to be tried on and modeled (not by me, of course :). So, we all ended up horsing around and being silly until about midnight. I crashed somewhere upstairs, but of course did not sleep a wink - I was SO NERVOUS!!! I think the last time I looked at the clock was shortly after 4 am, and then before I knew it, I was waking up at 5:15 because we had to leave at 6am. So, though incredibly tired the next morning, it didn't matter. Once you get to the race site, your heart is pumping like CRAZY!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Korea Update

Hey everybody, it is me, B-r-e.....nt. I know, I am stupid. Jessica tells me this all of the time. This is how I am though. I think I am much more these days because I only have 6 weeks (47 days) left here. I have officially started outprocessing and I get to pick my plane tickets up tomorrow. This is the most important thing to me right now. The other outprocessing stuff is just a formality to get me out of here. I have to walk everywhere in the blazing heat to outprocess, but it won't be as painful as it was when I was inprocessing back in Jun 05.

What other news? I am the proud owner/husband of a new triathlete. She did a great job in her first event and she was so excited about her achievement that we talked until 2 in the morning. I told her that I would like to do an event with her sometime in the future when my heel problem is gone (see past post). Anyway, I am proud of Jessica for going through with this triathlon even though she was terrified.

I am still going through school, but I only have 6 classes left until I am done. Come on September! Other than that, not much is going on. I start intramural golf in June, but I will probably only get to play 4 or 5 times because I will be out of here.

Well, that is all for now. I shall return at a later date to post more details about whatever happens to be going on in my life. Oh snap, I almost forgot about my Spurs. They are currently tied 3-3 in their best of seven West semifinal. I have been so nervous the past couple of weeks. I hope they can pull out another victory on Monday and go on to repeat as Champions. Sorry, that is all.

Love, Brent

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Military spouse appreciation day

The husband earned major points when he sent me a thoughtful e-card in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Here is some info and a poem about this "holiday" that I thought you might find interesting (written by A. Hull).

"If the military had wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one." Remember those words? Well, that was then and this is now. America's military has realized and acknowledged the significance of the military spouse. In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother's Day of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It is your day to stand up and be honored.

For the times you've stood and watched a ship sail from the harbor, an aircraft disappear into the clouds, or a truck convoy pull out of sight, not sure when they would return, we thank you.
For the countless household moves you've made from a place you know to one that's strange and different -- often by yourself -- we thank you.
For the families you've held together, for the anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays you've celebrated alone, we thank you.
For the hand you've extended to another military spouse when the need was there, truly creating a military family, we thank you.
For the spirit and strength you've shown when your service member has gone into harm's way, we thank you.
For the pride you've displayed while serving as an ambassador of the military spouse to the rest of the world, we thank you.
Far too frequently, the sacrifices and dedication of the military spouse have gone unnoticed and unappreciated. In our nation's recent history, thousands of service members have been placed in harm's way as they stood watch as freedom's guardian. You too have stood watch at home, facing challenges alone.
You have waved flags and held banners high to express your support.
You have kept the candles burning on the home front as a reminder of our deployed military.
You have made difficult sacrifices of your own, and have called upon your inner reserves to nurture family life so your service member can focus on the business at hand.
Even in times of relaxed alert status for our military, you have stood ready and alert for the slightest of signs, perhaps overlooked or ignored by your civilian counterparts, signaling a potential change in the status of our military forces.
As a military spouse, you have willingly packed up and relocated countless times, and may have been separated from your own parents and siblings for several years at a time.
Quite often, you have been placed in an unfamiliar ethnic or cultural setting, or a remote location.
You have met this challenge with confidence and pride, making your nation proud of you.
By the same token, you have extended your hand and hospitality to visitors to our country.
A country cannot count itself strong by its armed services alone, but must also depend on its civilians.
With military wives and husbands setting a superior example through devotion, courage, and commitment, we are a nation of strength.
Military spouses … stand tall, stand proud … we salute you, you are truly our unsung heroes.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


At 12:27 pm on Thursday, May 11, I turned in my last piece of required work for this semester! Hallelujah! Thank you for your patience with me as I temporarily dropped off of the face of this earth.

So, I get 3 whole days of not thinking about school or reading about school or being at school! Wonderful!

But, nerves and more nerves, only 2 more days until my triathlon :-o

Here are some links to the race info if you are interested.
Clemson Race Info
Clemson Race Page

Love - Jess