Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's do this already....

Hey everyone, it is Brent checking in with my first UGA football update. I know, I know... I haven't been very good at staying on top of my blogging commitments. I have good intentions, but I don't ever seem to follow through. I don't understand it... I am managing IT projects with the company that I work for and I do a weekly status like clockwork. I need to incorporate this same energy into my blogging duties. I will try to be better and add at least 1 entry every 2 weeks. Come football season, I will more than likely do a weekly update on the DAWGS.

Now... for a preview:

Man, the spring game was awesome. Georgia looked very good on offense and I am excited about all of the weapons that Stafford will have at his disposal this year. We didn't get to see all of the receivers, but it was pretty exciting to see how accurate his arm has become. He has always had a cannon... he just needed to add some touch. He looked like he had a great feel for the receivers during this scrimmage.

As for our running backs.... man, I can't wait to see KnoMo and Caleb King- CaKi (nah, doesn't work) with that 1-2 punch. I know KnoMo is the man, but wait to you see Caleb run the pill. I know many of you don't want to hear it, but this cat is going to be as good, if not better, than KnoMo. Either way, we are going to be tight in the running department. Richard Samuel and Dontavious Jackson are going to make some noise as well.

On a not so great note, our defense did look a little suspect during the scrimmage. However, in my opinion, how can you really get up for a game when you can't go full speed? Trust me, Cox would have been killed on 3 or more occassions. Overall, I still think the "D" did well considering they had the training wheels on.

Well, I just wanted to take baby steps to get back in the swing of things, so my first blog for 2008 has come to an end. I know this is not very organized, but I knew I had to post this pic of KnoMo. Anyway, I will see you back here in 2 weeks or less.


Friday, April 04, 2008


That's the new magnet on my car, since I just completed my first half-marathon on Sunday, March 30. Colby and I signed up for this marathon a long time ago, and before we knew it, it was here!!!! She flew in, we went to the race expo and spent a little too much money, I fell down the stairs at the MARTA station and got cussed out in Spanish, we hung out at my awesome cousin Lisa's house and carb-loaded, we tried to go to sleep, we woke up REALLY early, and just barely got our bags checked in time to start the race.

And then, we were off. With 10, 793 other people, in windy and chilly (44 degrees) weather. It was awesome! I had to stop a few times for the bathroom, and the lines were WAY long, but other than that, I did really well, running the whole way.........until mile 10. Something happened at mile 10. Maybe it was because my longest distance before this event was 7.5 miles. Maybe it was because there was much less cheering after mile 9. Maybe it was because I had a cold. Who knows? All I know is that after mile 10, I ran the flats and the downhills, and walked the hills. But, I crossed the finish line, and that is all that matters, even though I crossed half frozen and unable to feel my fingers. Colby and I finally found each other (she only had 1 bathroom break to slow her down, and ran faster than me anyway), and walked slowly, VERY slowly, back to the MARTA station to go home. I think that was the longest 3 blocks ever - we were tired, we were cold, the wind was blowing, and we had to keep detouring around road construction.

I wore a very cool shirt that I found at the expo - the front said "This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago", and the back said "Race Official - Do Not Pass". I laugh just thinking about it, and some of the laughs I got along the way.

Colby and I were zombies pretty much the rest of the day. Thank you Brent for taking such good care of us.

Next up - the St Jude Half Marathon in Memphis in early December. Wanna come along? Look at the SmartCoach link on the right, play with it a bit, and see what your training would be like if you were to start training right now. I guarantee its do-able, and I believe, the more the merrier :)

Love - Jess