Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I should be working...

I'm sitting here in my office - assignments are piling up, research demands are growing, time is wasting away, and I should be working. I'm just fresh out of energy to think. So I thought I'd write, for real this time, as it is a much more mindless process compared to what I have been doing lately.

Our family has a new addition - a new car that is. We were one of those couples that drove one of those horrible, not-earth-friendly SUVs - we bought it for our 120-lb dog that recently passed away. As gas prices kept rising, my spirits kept sinking, and I decided to bite the bullet and trade it in (for next to nothing, but what can you do - they know they aren't going to get any money for it, and no one is stupid enough to buy it from me in a private sale) and get a vehicle with better gas mileage. Its a shame when you don't get to worry about car safety anymore when buying a car - gas mileage is where its at. A safer car =s a heavier car =s less mileage per gallon - so, can't worry about safety these days.

Anyway, we now own a Scion XB - kind of ugly, a shoebox on wheels - but VERY roomy and 31 city/34 hwy miles per gallon. Next purchase - if I ever graduate and begin to actually contribute to the family income - will be a hybrid or electric car (though it would be great if we could just teleport by then :).

Well, I must get back to work - constraint-induced therapy is calling my name...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hello world

Hello world - this is new for me, I'm giving it a try. Any guesses on the "SB"?