Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas part 6

Lenorah listening to us all sing at Mom's house. She is used to me singing.... all the time... but she does not hear voices singing in harmony very often and she was a bit captivated.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas part 5

We were able to spend time with my sweet nephews. Here are a few shots: Lenorah using great squat and lift form trying to pick up a gift for her that was bigger than she was.
Josh and the boys. I'm sure Josh and Katie love that I added to the nerf gun collection 8-/
Chas and Reese reading to Lenorah. They are so precious.

Christmas part 4

When she is tired, no matter where she is or who is around, she just needs her blanket and a spot on the floor.
The blanket also helps Lenorah with transitions, with being comfortable around those not-Mommy and not-Daddy people.... but here is a shot of her realizing that she had cuddled up with a not-Mommy.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas part 3

One of the highlights of the trip for Lenorah - wrestling sessions with her Aunt KoKo. Once she warms up to you, watch out! she's on you like a little featherweight wrestler. (and yes, for those of you who know Kobi, those are real feet in her face ;-)
She'll have some competition in her cousin Ansley in the future - I witnessed firsthand Ansley putting the hurt on her uncle Brian this Christmas and that girl has some skills.

her favorite gifts - 2012

Her cars and trains
Her beads and bubble blower
and this nice rubbermaid lid
Silly girl :-). She loves looking at the world through a different lens....not exactly roseate, more blue-green. She is still discovering her new gifts/books/etc., and I will be sure to share more pics as new favorites emerge.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cash says Happy Holidays

There used to be lots of pet pictures on here... then there was a period of silence.... now it seems as if it is just baby baby baby. For those of you who miss Mr. Cash, here is a picture:
An update - he is still as sweet and energetic as ever, he is still a little pudgy (unless Dazhou comes for an extended housesitting visit during which the 24/7 playtime leads to some pounds lost ;-), he still loves ice, he still sheds like... something that sheds like crazy, and he will still gas you out of house and home. He makes Lenorah laugh every morning when his nails click-clack through the hall to her room :-)

Christmas part 2

We were able to spend a day in Cumming, visiting the Harris family and also some Ferm's.
Uncle Paul, Aunt Mel, and Sa were finally able to meet Lenorah! We had a short but sweet visit :-)
Fun with Mary and Reed, Sarah Grace and Jacob. Brent was there too, but he was taking the picture :-) Their sweet puppy Mocha also hung out with us, but only because sweet Lenorah and the dog whisperer Brent were able to convince her that we were all good peeps.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas part 1

We had a great time with the Bjurstrom's and Makin's. It was fun watching the kiddos play and enjoy each other, it was great catching up with our dear friends, and it was a perfect day-o-eating for me - Marti's at Midday for lunch (thank you Janice and Mandy for thinking to pick it up!) and Cali-N-Tito's for dinner - it doesn't get any better than that!
O being a ham!
The kiddos enjoying their awesome lunch.
Lots of toys around ... but I think they enjoyed the walk-in shower the most!
I love the look on Q's face in this one!
Just catching up on her current events.