Monday, September 24, 2007

Brent Update

What up everyone? I figure it has been about a year and some change since I last posted anything. As you have probably guessed, this is around the same time that I left Korea. Anyway, on to the post.

I have been out of the Air Force since January of this year. Times were a little tough for a while because, as many of you know, I worked at a vending company after I officially separated. The hours were terrible and the money was even worse. I don't know how I dealt with that job for 6 months. More importantly, I don't know how Jess dealt with me dealing with that job for 6 months. I complained a lot and I was exhausted at all times of the day. That all changed in July when I finally got a job offer from Plum Creek.

Plum Creek is a Timber Company very similar to Georgia Pacific. I work in the IT department and I am directly involved in the Supply Chain Managment portion of the company. The job is awesome and the people that I work with are very cool.

On the sports front- my San Antonio Spurs won their 4th Championship. And now, it is UGA football time again. The Dawgs haven't looked very good this season, but they are currently 3-1. We could have easily been 4-0, but what can you do? They should have done this, they should have done that. I still believe they have a legitimate shot of winning the rest of our games and possibly making the SEC Championship. Yeah, I know, Florida is looking pretty good but I still don't think they are much better than us. Their defense is suspect. However, I think LSU is a whole different can of worms. They are pretty deep on both sides of the ball. Given that, I still think we will beat these fools come December.

Well, I have rambled enough this evening. I have been trying to type and watch WWE with Jess this entire time. I think she started to watch this crap to give me a hint that it is time for bed. Anyway, I will post a new captioned picture next week when the Dizawgs are 4-1.


Got Em'

Wallace Gilberry said: "I don't know anything about him (Stafford). But after the game Saturday, I can tell you anything you want to know -- his birthday, his telephone number, his home address. I'm serious, because I will know.
"I've got to know where to send the flowers after the game."
Wallace, you know better than to talk smack. Did you get any of the information that you said you would get? All I know is, Stafford is upset he hasn't received your flowers yet. I told him I would remind you and give you his contact information. His address is:
Got Em'
2623 We Won
Athens, GA30606
Holla at me if you need any further information.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The dreaded birthday

Last-minute birthday celebration in July at On the Border, one of my fave places to eat...its a cheese dip thing, and if you don't like cheese dip, then you won't understand.
And when I say last-minute, I mean it - it wasn't finalized until that afternoon...that is how I roll these days, though I'm trying to get back to the planning, since I am much more sane and productive that way.

We are about to break into the homemade Red Velvet Cake made especially for me by my friend Colby. It was AWESOME!!!! I definitely did not want to share.

The prom picture :) Will, Jason, Colby, Susan, Kobs, me, and B

And now the crazy picture - these are always fun.
Thank you all for making this (dreaded) birthday so special. Thanks also to all of the cards and gift certificates I rec'd from others - I look forward to the books, coffee, and fondue that I get to enjoy in the near future as a result of your generosity.

Baby dedication

Baby dedication of Reese (in July). For those of you who are unsure what this means, here is a little info:
This is different from baptism, which signifies and is a public declaration of salvation. It is a time when parents and family of the baby or child stand before God and the church and publicly commit to provide a Christian home for their child.

The crew - its so great to be able to go to church and fellowship with your family - definitely something I have missed.

Aren't they beautiful? (The only acceptable answer to that question is YES!)

Chas is just a little too big for the carrier now :) But he and my handsome handsome are really trying to make it work...

Nana Pam and her new grandson

Nana Pam adoring her sweet Reese.

Aunt Irene comes to visit

Aunt Irene usually comes to visit my mom for a week during the summer. This year, Mom and I wanted to pamper her, so we took her for a mani and pedi at our favorite place, and then to a hair styling afterwards. She LOVED it...she was "tickled pink", I guess you could say.

Who is who? Can you tell whose toes these are? One is me, the other is mom. We were having a contest to see which of us would have the cutest decoration on our toes, and I'm pretty sure she won. Mom and I just got pedi's last week as well, and she definitely won! My toe decoration was so bad that I had to go get it removed and redone the next day. The nice lady tried to do a super-G for the DAWGS on my toe, but it was a flop - definitely not super. And it smeared too when she put the clear coat on! Anyway...just talking about things that really don't matter :)

Josh and Aunt Irene in deep convo.

Even more of Reese

Uncle Jonathan and his newest nephew

Reese w/ Aunt Kobi

A little Candyland fun with the brand new big brother.

The proud (and probably very tired) papa - My little bro and Reese.

Schawana-Mae and the new babe - we gathered over at my bro's place for a little family time.

More of Reese (the one from my side of the fam)

Reese - the money man, holding his first gift from his Grandpa Childs.