Monday, September 17, 2007

Aunt Irene comes to visit

Aunt Irene usually comes to visit my mom for a week during the summer. This year, Mom and I wanted to pamper her, so we took her for a mani and pedi at our favorite place, and then to a hair styling afterwards. She LOVED it...she was "tickled pink", I guess you could say.

Who is who? Can you tell whose toes these are? One is me, the other is mom. We were having a contest to see which of us would have the cutest decoration on our toes, and I'm pretty sure she won. Mom and I just got pedi's last week as well, and she definitely won! My toe decoration was so bad that I had to go get it removed and redone the next day. The nice lady tried to do a super-G for the DAWGS on my toe, but it was a flop - definitely not super. And it smeared too when she put the clear coat on! Anyway...just talking about things that really don't matter :)

Josh and Aunt Irene in deep convo.

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