Monday, September 24, 2007

Brent Update

What up everyone? I figure it has been about a year and some change since I last posted anything. As you have probably guessed, this is around the same time that I left Korea. Anyway, on to the post.

I have been out of the Air Force since January of this year. Times were a little tough for a while because, as many of you know, I worked at a vending company after I officially separated. The hours were terrible and the money was even worse. I don't know how I dealt with that job for 6 months. More importantly, I don't know how Jess dealt with me dealing with that job for 6 months. I complained a lot and I was exhausted at all times of the day. That all changed in July when I finally got a job offer from Plum Creek.

Plum Creek is a Timber Company very similar to Georgia Pacific. I work in the IT department and I am directly involved in the Supply Chain Managment portion of the company. The job is awesome and the people that I work with are very cool.

On the sports front- my San Antonio Spurs won their 4th Championship. And now, it is UGA football time again. The Dawgs haven't looked very good this season, but they are currently 3-1. We could have easily been 4-0, but what can you do? They should have done this, they should have done that. I still believe they have a legitimate shot of winning the rest of our games and possibly making the SEC Championship. Yeah, I know, Florida is looking pretty good but I still don't think they are much better than us. Their defense is suspect. However, I think LSU is a whole different can of worms. They are pretty deep on both sides of the ball. Given that, I still think we will beat these fools come December.

Well, I have rambled enough this evening. I have been trying to type and watch WWE with Jess this entire time. I think she started to watch this crap to give me a hint that it is time for bed. Anyway, I will post a new captioned picture next week when the Dizawgs are 4-1.


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