Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The pets (and Jonathan)

During this crazy crazy summer, one of the exciting events was when Brent landed his new job. So, in the midst of moving and getting ready for my comps, we decided to celebrate. Jonathan got one of B's old vending shirts and ripped it to shreds as you can tell. I encouraged him to wear it out to eat with us to Outback, and believe me, we got some stares. But how awesome it was to rip it up and be DONE with that job.
As you can see, Napoleon got a little supercat cape from the celebratory shirt ripping as well.

Napoleon quite enjoyed the packing part of the move. There were bags, boxes, and suitcases galore to crawl into and hide, one of his fave things to do. There were also plenty of doors open that were usually closed, as in this laundry room closet door. Nap took this opportunity to crawl into a cozy spot.

I was hanging out over at Kobs, watching "Girlfriends", and we had unexpected company - Javad and Tiffany stopped by with their puppy. She and Cash were instant friends and played so hard the whole time, so much so that we finally had to separate them for fear of waking up the downstairs neighbors.

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