Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kno Limit Solja AND Quotin' my boy Cube

I was telling Jess from day 1 this kid was a beast. Instead of giving these defenders stiff arms he is giving them the John Cena (waving hand in front of his face meaning you can't see me) all the way down the field. You know I am just kidding. I can't stand these guys doing this everytime I watch a game.

Anyway, Knowshon pretty much carried (no pun intended) our team to victory. This cat needs to carry the rock 25+ times a game.

Just my 2 cents.


Quotin' my boy Cube

"Today was a good day."
I love it when Florida loses. Get ready for that 3 game losing streak.
Three keys to why I believe the Dawgs will finally get another victory in Jacksonville:
1. The Dawgs can never seem to win this game when we are obvioulsy the better team. Now that we are mediocre to average, there should be low expectations. The Dawgs should win because no one will give them a chance.
2. We usually win when we have a bye week before this game.
C. I'm tired of losing to these Jort wearing punks.
Cool points for those that laughed when they saw the letter C instead of the number 3.
Anyway, I'm out.

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