Monday, October 31, 2005


Hey there - it has been a LONG time I know. Jess is my name, whirlwind is my game. School is...going, I guess. I'm always behind it seems - a good day for me is when I'm only a day or two behind :) I know some of you can understand that.

GA v. FL was devastating - our offense should have made an appearance before the second quarter, and Coutu - well, needless to say, it should have been 16 to 14. But, oh well, we just have to win all of our remaining games. But Jason and Kobi and I had a great time watching the game, eating wonderful (and not so healthy) snacks, calling Brent to wake him up to watch the game, and scaring the pets while screaming at the television. A pretty good Saturday :)

Another movie recommendation - The Legend of Zorro - Jonathan and I enjoyed it very much.

That's all for now - I'll write more later and post some pics for you - Love - Jess

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