Saturday, November 17, 2007


Are you asking yourself what the title means? I thought so. These are a few of the letters in KNO-MO's name that almost make up the word Heisman. Hmmm, maybe that nickname is pushing it. Anyway, that is how close is he is from being mentioned with the likes of Tebow, Dixon and McFadden. He more that makes up the missing letters "I" and "A" with his "I"nstinct and his "A"ttitude.

Sorry for getting carried away. I think I bonked my head and got a KNOt on my heard or something, but whatever, this kid would be a leading candidate if he had started from day one. I think he has a legitimate shot of winning the Heisman in the next couple of years. As you can tell from the picture, he hasn't fully gotten the pose down yet. In fact, he is stiff-arming with the wrong arm. KNO big deal, the truth is, you can't KNOck his game. Remember to stay tuned for upcoming seasons as he perfects this pose.


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