Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 1 goals

Here is my plan for the week. I'll update you on how well I adhered to it next week. Keep in mind that I am saying no to dieting, and saying yes to a lifestyle change, so I'm taking "baby steps".

My plan for this week in terms of nutrition is to:
~Attack my soda consumption. For now, I can drink tea, water, gatorades, etc., but am only allowed 2 soda's this week.
~Eat a healthy breakfast - I have been skipping this all too important meal for several months now.

My plan for this week in terms of exercise is to gear up for my 16 week running training program that was designed by SmartCoach (see the link on the right if you are interested), and I plan to:
~Walk my dog for at least 60 minutes
~Walk briskly (3.5-3.9 mph) for at least 60 minutes
~Easy run for at least 40 min (b/w 4.9-5.3 mph)
~Pilates x3

For now, I can break these time intervals up however I desire. It doesn't matter how many days I work out for now, it just matters that I meet these weekly goals. This way I don't beat myself up for missing one of my workouts, and then end up in that cycle of "well, I missed Tues, I screwed up, this week is shot, I'll just pig out and not exercise the rest of the week and I'll start again next week", as I am prone to do. I'll have no such excuse - I can just make it up because weekly minutes are my goal.

That's all for now - more later!

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