Monday, September 08, 2008

The "Sparkplug" Strikes Again

This is about the same view that I saw at the game. We (Jess, Jill, Chuck, myself and 92K+) were all just hanging out semi-disappointed due to the Dawgs' lack of production when a super quiet Sanford Stadium erupted in amazement yet again. Leave it to Knowshon to do something unbelievable to create more excitement by going Vince Carter on that poor Chippewas.
I thought for sure that Knowshon's High-sman- like move would be all over ESPN when we got home from the game. To our disappointment, we stayed up half the night and ESPN managed to pooch us yet again. I tell you what, these cats never give us any respect. USC got more love on the best plays of the week and they were on a Bye week. I'm not kidding, I think I saw Mark Sanchez (USC QB) on an amateur video at McDonald's and the ESPN anchors were giving him props on his ability to eat a Big Mac without getting the secret sauce all over the place - C'mon!!
USC also managed to distance themselves even further in the current polls. How does that happen? Georgia handled their business by blowing out C. Michigan and we lose votes. That is ridiculous! I guess it doesn't matter. I actually like being #2 and having everyone focus on someone else. I think the Dawgs feel slighted just enough to keep them focused and hungry. Being # 1 in the W-O-R-L-D isn't our priority. That comes in January!

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