Friday, September 05, 2008

about Cash

I received an e-mail from an individual about the amount of exercise my dog receives. This person looked at my goals, and saw the 60 minutes per week that I allotted for walking my pup, Mr. Cash, and was concerned.

I thought it was great! I thank you for your concern, I love it when people care about pet care. To reassure, know that the 60 minutes is just my goal for my exercise w/ him, but that he actually gets much more exercise and enrichment than this. He gets regular frisbee and chuck-it sessions, wrestling sessions w/ his dad, occasional visits to the pup park and swimming sessions in the lake, and overall spoiling :)

Now, I will say, my cat does NOT get regular exercise. This fool doesn't like any of the cat toys or houses that we have bought for him. The only thing that gets him excited is a bug in the house, the cheap cardboard catscratchers, and beating up on Cash occasionally. Other than that, he sleeps and snores most hours of the day :) We like to spoil him w/ hairball treats and a bowl of milk every now and again, and we love to annoy him by rubbing his belly or pulling his tail :) You know what really gets him? When he is laying beside you, if you just find one single little hair sticking up and if you just move it around a little, his skin crawls, and he's off like a rocket. Of course, he's back for more in 2 minutes.

Go SPOIL your pet today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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