Friday, September 26, 2008


I never thought I would willingly wear orange to show my support for a sport, but after last night, I'm ready to buy an Oregon State shirt. I was trying to sleep off a headache/migraine on the couch while B was watching the game, but it kept drawing me in...I lasted almost until the 4th quarter, and was happy to see this morning that the Beavers took the Trojans! Both of the Rodgers brothers played amazing games, but don't forget to credit the entire O-line for providing the protection they needed in order to create those opportunities.

The older brother James had some great moments, but Jacquizz was crazy! He was all over that field, and I never saw the little guy go down after the first took several of the bigger Trojans to contain him each time. And for the record ESPN guys, they didn't stop that play b/c his helmet came off, they stopped it because they thought his knee touched the ground (which it didn't).

It is doubtful USC will be able to get back into the race for the championship game, because even if they go undefeated, none of the teams they play (in what they've been calling the PAC-1 - should we now call it the PAC-none?) are ranked.

Now, we just have to handle our business at home, but that will not be easy. We have 8 games remaining in this regular season, and 5 of those 8 teams are currently ranked in the top 25...and GT might be by the time we play them. So, we just have to stay steady, stay strong, stay injury-free, and take it one weekend at a time...

What an exciting season!

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