Sunday, September 21, 2008

movies that make me cry

I watched a little bit of "I am Sam" this past weekend, and I cried like a baby. Not just once, but several instances during the movie. It was kind of refreshing for me, because I have a hard time crying or dealing with emotions. I rarely cry when its appropriate - you know, funerals and ultra sad moments and such. Most of the time I bottle it up, push it back, deal with the "now" in a fairly emotionless manner, and then it comes back to me later. I remember finally grieving with tears over the loss of my grandfather a full two years after he passed.

The exception is with pets - don't ask me why it is easier to mourn so openly for pets versus people, but that is the way it is with me....I have no answers for ya there.

Anyway, every now and again, when I'm feeling too hard and brittle and cynical, I may pop in a movie that will lead to a few tears, just to remind myself that I am human. "Steel Magnolia's" is a good one, and don't laugh, but "Lilo and Stitch" always gets me when the little girl gets taken away from her sister. Old classics, like "Where the Red Fern Grows" of course, a little "Like Water for Chocolate", "Silence Like Glass", and new classics like "Million Dollar Baby" and "Good Will Hunting", "The Notebook", "A Time to Kill", "My Girl", "Boyz 'N the Hood", and "Stepmom" do it also. And I'm not ashamed to admit that a little Extreme Home Makeover gets me sometimes.

I'm sure I'll think of more later. Oh yeah, "PS I Love You" tore me up. What about you? What movies get the saltwater flowing?


Anonymous said...

Man, there are SO many....
1) Green Mile
2) Ann of Green Gable
3) Saving Private Ryan
4) Pearl Harbor
5) Pride and Prejudice
6) Where the Heart Is
7) An Affair to Remember
8) Little Women
9) Remeber the Titans
10)Pay it Forward

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to type my name!
I guess I just figured you would know it was me.


Jess and Brent said...

Thanks for playing! So good to hear from you...All very good ones! Say hello to your babies for me! Love - Jess

Anonymous said...

Girl...they are not babies anymore!
Emma is 5 but is soo tall she looks older.
Kate will be 4 next month!