Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HI highlights

Here is the short version - no worries - my goal for this weekend is to download pics for you all.

Sun: saw my husband, arrived to the Honolulu Festival

Mon: hiked Diamond Head, Cheesecake Factory, Shore Bird*, enjoyed the rain

Tues: Hickham AFB, Pearl Harbor, Cheeseburger in Paradise, enjoyed the rain

Wed: Hale Koa, Waikiki Beach, Shopping, Outback**, enjoyed the rain

Thurs: snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, Halona Blow Hole, Koko Head, Bellows Air Force Station, Luau at Hale Koa*, enjoyed the rain

Fri: Beach and water fun, riding ATVs at Kualoa Ranch, Lulu's, enjoyed the sunshine

Sat: :-( all day at the airport (or on a plane), flew overnight while studying for midterms and missing my husband already

*Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bjurstrom
** Thank you Grandma Zara

I will weigh in with more later - just know that we had a great time, and we really did enjoy the rain (we were on Flood Watch until Thurs!) because the sun would still make appearances. Also know that my husband is a fool !!! That boy cracked me up the whole time - my side STILL hurts from laughing.

Love - Jess


Liz said...

need pics now! I'm so glad you enjoyed time with your man! PTL.

Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

Hurry up with the pics. By the way, I am sure you are leaving some activities out. hehehe

Jess and Brent said...

Liz - I'm on the pics :) Enjoyed yours by the way...
Jill - you right :)

Liz said...

hey jess-
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