Wednesday, March 01, 2006

good news

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And now, Good news today...

From JSLHR, regarding my thesis and manuscript with U of A colleagues and profs:
"Dear Dr. Plante,
I am writing regarding the review of manuscript# JSLHR-L-xx-xxxx.xx, "Subcategory Learning in Normal and Language-Learning-Disabled Adults: How Much Information Do They Need?" submitted to Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. The revision of this manuscript was reviewed by one of the original reviewers. As you will see below, this reviewer feels that you have adequately addressed the majority of concerns raised in the initial reviews. I agree. The only remaining concern this reviewer has is with the discussion section. I agree with the suggestion to craft the final paragraph in terms of how you intend to pursue this line of work in children with SLI...As soon as you attend to these minor revisions, we will be able to officially accept the manuscript for publication. I look forward to receiving the final version. Sincerely, X X, Editor, JSLHR-Language"

Dr. A's note:
"If you see Jessica Richardson (one of our dept doctoral students) in the hallway sometime soon….give her a hearty congrats. She just got her first paper accepted for publication in JSLHR, our profession’s flagship scholarly journal! YEA !!!!!!! This is a major accomplishment for her and we are all proud of her for doing so.

Way to go Jess!!!!

Richard D. Andreatta, Ph.D."

My response:

Love, Jess

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Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

Congratulations. I thought you said you were a slow learner.