Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hey everyone, I am checking in because it has be a minute since I last posted anything on this blog. Things are going fine here. I am just missing Jessica right now. I know I just saw her, but we had a fabulous time in Hawaii and our time together went way too fast. I used the word fabulous because Jessica always uses descriptive words like this and I usually say," I had a good time"- I am just giving her a hard time. We will definitely be going back in the future. We both wanted to get our surf on, but there wasn't enough time in the day to do all of the activities that we had planned. It was a well-timed vacation for both of us. But, with all things, I had to return to reality. I have 104 days left here and I can't wait to get back home. I miss sleeping in my own bed. The bed that I have here is very uncomfortable and I live very close to the flight line, so I have dreams of planes taking off in my sleep. I also miss the pets. What can I say, I am an animal lover. I pass by the veterinarian clinic on my way to work everyday, so I usually stop by and play with dogs. They don't get a lot of visitors, so I think they are glad that I take the time to see what is going down in the pooch playpen.
The weather here is currently in the mid50s, but sometimes we get into the 60s and I get very excited about playing golf. As of now, this is really the only sport that I can play because of the issues that I have with my heels. I am paying for being stupid about 2 years ago. For those that are unaware of the situation, I went to my sister's (Heather) graduation about 2 years ago and we decided to play some late night basketball afterwards. I was not prepared for this occassion because I was wearing dress clothes, and of course, dress shoes. Regardless, I was pulling J's like MJ in his prime. I was dropping dimes (assists) to my teammates (Jessica/Eric) and Jess was pretty unstoppable with her up-and-under move. That girl has skills! All that aside, after I got out of the bed the next morning I could barely walk. It was pretty bad. That one event gave me a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis. So, I have temporarily retired from high impact sports. It kills me, but what else can I do? I have gone to see my Doctor a few times now, but the pain has not subsided at all. I have another appointment in April, so maybe I will get better news at that time. That is all of my news for now. I will check back in soon. I hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Brent


Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

We miss you!!

Heather said...

Sorry about your heal problems. That was a pretty crazy night but I am glad ya'll came. Yes Jess is a tough competitor, I will never play basketball with her again unless I am on her team!!!