Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"/ɪs tæ/ ?"

LHR now picks up things, holds them up for me to name, and says "/ɪs  tæ/", her version of "What is that?". I guess that means we ask that a lot (e.g., "What is that? Itʼs a ______!"). I don't know if I can officially count that as putting two + words together though.... she'll get to that milestone soon enough. I have a feeling her expressive language is about to explode.

She does some new fun things now. She sings a lot more, cutting off her babbling and vocalization at breaks in the music, dancing with the music, clapping lots and lots. Books books books are still her absolute love.

Probably another fave in her top three is running/being chased/crashing. Here are a few snapshots of this regular activity:

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