Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ladies, ladies, ladies

There are lots of ladies in the room when we gather at the Woodman residence. I don't know how the guys do it.... I guess it is payback for when Susan was living with Larry and their 4 boys. I was actually able to capture some pretty good shots of the twins and the cousins playing with Lenorah. Aren't they all so smart and sweet and beautiful?
The twins were great with Lenorah... they really "got" her, reading her body language when she was showing that too many people were in her space. If only they lived a little closer for babysitting... ;-)
Snuggling with Great Grandma June. She'll snuggle.... you have to work at it a bit, woo her, be patient, and be prepared for it to only last for a couple of minutes, but she'll snuggle (I'm talking about Lenorah, not Grandma June :-)
I love Grandma June's smile in this one
Lenorah crashed during the present opening portion of the evening. This was her deciding that she just had to lay down and rest.

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