Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Ms. Holly

It has been quite an eventful week. Brent rejoined the outside-of-the-home work force and Lenorah began spending time during the day with a nanny. This was not our original plan, we are still on 4 waiting lists for daycare, but we are really enjoying it so far, and even thinking this could potentially be a long term solution. The first full day, I must admit, I could hardly concentrate on anything. I could only think of my sweet girl and every worse case scenario (I MUST cut back on my crime tv viewing). I know it was hard for Brent as well, this has been an incredibly tough transition for him. He misses his baby girl like crazy. But things have gone really smoothly. We are working out the schedule kinks, getting to know Holly, and Lenorah has made it clear that she really enjoys her. When I get home, though, she still won't let me put her down or get out of her sight for a good hour or so - she prefers that I hold her or just stay in one place where she can see me and where I don't move around from room to room, or God forbid, approach the threshold of an exit. But overall I think she, and all of us, are adjusting pretty well. We are fortunate to have such an arrangement, that is for sure. Here are a few shots of Holly and Lenorah:
Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Lenorah's absolute favorite book right now.
Waking up from a good long nap, with her trusty blanket in hand.

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ClueGiver said...

Both shots are beautiful. Happy for ya'll that things are adjusting well. Your home is so supportive and nurturing. Love to come to visit.