Friday, January 04, 2013

Lenorah's shadow

Reese (or girl Reese, as we sometimes call her, since we have a boy Reese in the family too :-) loves loves loves little babies, and she loves loves loves her cousin Lenorah. She came in to wake Lenorah from her nap while we were at the Woodman residence, and Lenorah began a very serious conversation with her. It went something like "na na dada zha da? tika na na ut..... tika tika tika". I have some of the conversation on video, it is super cute. I don't know exactly what happened to make Reese say this, but at some point in their conversation, Reese said, "She's just like a little puppy." I busted out laughing. Reese and Lenorah looking at the mini Santa
Reese and Lenorah playing well together
Reese and Lenorah... not playing so well together ;-)

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