Thursday, January 03, 2013

One of my favorite moments

Throughout all of the exhausting house-hopping over the holidays, I think Lenorah handled things pretty well. Her mommy-itis was heightened some, and her sleep schedule is still way off, but she had fun most of the time and was able to enjoy her friends and family. The mommy-itis is pretty intense lately, and I was quite surprised by it. I guess I just assumed that because our (mine and Brent's) roles were somewhat "reversed", with him as a stay-at-home daddy, Lenorah might suffer more from daddy-itis. But, no, that is not the case, at least not right now. It might all change when Brent starts work next week.... it will be a time of adjustment for us all.... we will see. One of my favorite moments between me and sweet girl was actually captured in this photo, taken by Jonathan. As Lenorah was enjoying herself and having a great time, she still had to check in with me every now and again, just to touch me or hug me, to make sure I was still there. This is her just touching my hand, making sure I was still there, or maybe reassuring me that she was still thinking about me. It made me feel about 10 feet tall or so.
On a related note, she just gave Brent and I our first kisses yesterday :-) My heart is full.

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