Sunday, April 09, 2006

It was a bug

It was a bug. I issued a challenge - (a bat, a dog, ...anyone else?) - and a bug answered. I was riding along on the one week anniversary of the dog bite (last Tuesday). Since I am a relatively new biker, I had not yet learned to keep my mouth shut while riding. So, I'm breathing heavy, open mouth style, and enters the bug. I'm gagging, trying to spit it out, but this activity is making me lose control of my bike, and a wreck at that speed would have been disastrous. So, I had no recourse but to swallow the bug. It still grosses me out when I think about it. But, I had only eaten salads and soup that day, so a little protein was probably in order. The bug was just trying to round out my diet I guess.

And I learned something new - keep my mouth closed while riding - and learning new things is good.

Keep Brent in your thoughts and prayers please - he is very sick, either the flu or the "Korean Krud" (as they call it).

I will post pics later - I have a lot of catching up to do - my dog bite pics, my outings w/ friends and family, my pets. I'm on it, I promise.

Well, must get back to work - a litte reading to do before Grey's Anatomy. Love - Jess


Liz said...

I LOVE that we love the same shows...Alias....Grey's. Goodness. I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. I'm talking the change your whole schedule just to watch it kind of love (I think I need Tivo).

Jess and Brent said...

Liz - We both need Tivo - we are the type of people it was created for. I also love that we share our shows in common - so I'm guessing I know where you'll be on April 19th!! We need to talk and soon - summer road trip to New Orleans is in effect, and I just want to make sure you will be there :) Love ya - Jess