Sunday, April 30, 2006

Korean update

Hey everyone, it is me again. I am doing well in the land of Kimchi. I have been busy as usual with school and work. Will I ever get out of this joint? I am soooo ready to leave. Today, I have 68 official days left. Time is really flying by fast. The only good thing about being here is the weather. We are finally getting up in the mid-70s. This is the perfect golfing time of year. I start my intramural golf season on May 22nd. I am excited because this will make my time go by much faster.

I have a friend that arrived in Korea a few days ago. I met him when I was in Arizona and we used to play b-ball, golf and play PS2 all of the time. It will be like old times for us- at least for the next 68 days. I wish he would have gotten here earlier; my time here would have been a lot better. Anyway, I guess the timing was a little off.

Well, I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone that I am doing fine. C-Note, you better be polishing up your game fool. I have shot a 78 and an 81 since I have been here. I'm on the verge of going on Tour and giving Tiger and Lefty a run for their money. Anyway, enough with the smack talk. Peace.

Love, Brent


Jess and Brent said...

Who are Tiger and Lefty? I've never heard of them before...

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Phil is a left-hander, so they call him Lefty.

Love, Brent

Jess and Brent said...

fool, i know who they are, i was just giving you a hard you think i could actually be married to you and not know that???? that's just crazy talk.