Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday again

It seems this is my regular blogging day:) Well, happy Monday.

I was able to get out of jury duty - thank goodness. Not that I don't want to do my civic duty, just not now. Maybe 2009 or something. I also was able to go to my doctor's appointment today - I HATE going to the doctor anyway, and the situation gets worse because I really DON'T LIKE my doctor, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me. Anyway, I was berated for not having a check-up in the past two years, it was confirmed that I have lost 27 lbs. (WOO-HOO), and overall, I checked out okay. In good health for an old gal.

The weather is gorgeous! It was a perfect weekend for being out and about, and for recovering from a nasty cold. I attended a shower for a friend, got to see a lot of folks that I miss, and got to play with babies - that is always fun. Don't get excited, no wishes here to be a mom anytime soon, but, oh, how I do love the babies.

I have spent ALL day typing an interview transcription. Who knew that a 25 minute interview would take nearly six hours to transcribe? Preposterous! Anyway, that is one big project out of the way. I'm on my countdown now - only 3 more exams to take, 4 more research papers to turn in, and 3 more exams to administer and grade before the END OF THIS SEMESTER! And once the semester is over, BRENT COMES HOME FOR A VISIT!!!

Whew - I got a little carried away there. Well, I'll write again soon and keep you posted. I love ya - Jess

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