Monday, September 05, 2005

This just in from the ROK

Hey everyone, this is B-rent checking in. I just wanted everyone to know that as is well in the ROK (Republic of Korea). I have been very busy with work and also with my online courses, so time is currently going by very quickly. I officially have 104 days until I get to come home for the holidays. I am very excited about seeing everyone, but most importantly, I am very excited that I will get to see my awesome Jessica again. I have missed her very much! We get to talk everyday, but it is not the same. I can't wait! Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a love letter. The people here are very cool to the people of the military. They enjoy the security that we provide and they love our money very much. Downtown is very Amercanized and the people are extremely friendly. There are some super shopping deals here as well. Anyone that enjoys shopping would have a field day here. There are no set prices, just asking prices. If they ask for $30, just show them $20 and they usually take it. The base itself is very cool. Everything has been upgraded to make everyone feel at home here. We have a great bowling alley, movie theater, 24-hour gym with state-of-the-art equipment, clubs and other forms of entertainment. Almost everyone here is on a remote for at least a year, so these amenities help to pass the time for our military. What else? I have recenlty joined the flag football team. I am a Wide Reciever, Safety and Corner Back. I am temporarily on the DL (disabled list) because we had a practice in our gym, but I was messing around playing basketball before practice and rolled my ankle pretty badly. It looks very nasty, but it doesn't hurt very much. I feel as if I can play, but my brain tells me to rest it so that I do not make things worse. I also was told by Jessica to rest it and go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. She says, "no pain is not necessarily a good thing". She is smarter than me in the ways of the body and I trust her judgment, so I am scheduling an appointment tomorrow. Oh yeah, I also tried to play golf yesterday and it didn't go very well. It was really hard to produce a swing that has rhythm with a bum ankle. In fact, my swing was downright ugly. I looked like I had my left shoulder up against a brick wall while trying to swing with nothing but my arms. I didn't shoot my normal 85-88, but I did shoot a terrible (for me) 97. One positive thing did come out of the 97 though- I got to see a whole lot of the course- the bunker, the woods, the water, a golf colf cart and even a few dorms along the way. It was fun though. Chuck, you might have been able to take me. Oh snap! Well, I have to get to bed. I will check in later as my time here will probably get more interesting. I will have new stories soon. Until then, Caum samae da. The spelling is way off and it means "Thank you," but that is all I know right now. I will ask a linguist what "later" means for our next blog. Later.

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