Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"That there's an RV"

Hey everyone, it is B-rent again. I haven't been doing a good job a posting on here since I returned from Korea- I apologize. I have checked into my new base at Warner Robins and things are going fairly well I guess. I am glad I get to see Jessica every weekend, but the situation didn't get that much better. Not only do I have to be away most of the time, but we have accrued more debt due to my new living lifestyle. That's right, I live in an RV park. It isn't bad for the most part, but the ants here are terrible. There are war games everynight in my trailer when I get home. As soon as I walk in the door they are attacking me, so I spend half of the night trying to keep them at bay before they totally take over my crib on wheels. This is kind of old news, but I thought I would let you know how I was living. I have since purchased a ton of ant killer and spread it all over the ground around my trailer. Now, I only see the occassional ant.

Jess and I have been talking about me getting out and joining the Guard, so if anyone has any insight on this matter, let us know. I am soooo ready to separate! I will keep you posted on any news that comes in from the recruiters. I have requested information on everything Guard related and I am just waiting for someone to call me and answer my questions.

I am in my final month of school and I am ready to finally graduate. I am so burned out of school and I can't wait until I can just chill after work every now and then- it will be so awesome! Jessica is already asking me where I would like to do my Master's. She is killing me. I never thought I would even think about it, but I haven't ruled it out. I just want a break for a little bit and try to figure out a way where I can actually live with my wife.

I hope everyone is well. I will try to return soon with more updates on everything that is going on here in Warner Robins. Until then.....



Syndey said...

Anna, check for a comment in the "another 'you must watch'" blog.

Anonymous said...

S - gotcha girl - Love, A