Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The latest

So...what has happened since the last update?

Our air conditioning unit did indeed go kaput (or "kaputt" for Uncle C), and we were forced by the horrible heat wave to buy a new unit. Maybe we could have sucked it up and stuck it out, but Cash was certainly suffering (I couldn't sleep for his panting, poor thing) as was our roommate. Recall that we had originally discussed going away on a trip, just the two of us, with Brent jokingly mentioning going to Fort Yargo due to our budget restrictions. Now that our restrictions are further restricted, we are thinking of popping up a tent out by our new AC unit and dreaming of the exotic resort that we could be visiting with that money :)

After that (incredibly hot and humid) incident, it was time to move Brent down to his new base. His parents were kind enough to pull our second domicile down there for us, we get it hooked up, and alas, THE AIR CONDITIONING DOES NOT WORK!

What is the deal with us and air conditioners? You may not want to invite us over for a while, at least until it cools down a bit, because apparently we are bad luck for air conditioners, and we don't want people cussing us. We don't know our status with furnaces yet, but will let you know as soon as we try and use ours :)

Now many of you may be stuck at the sentence where I said "pull our second domicile...", wondering what in the world is going on. Now don't be jealous, because not everyone gets to live this high, but Brent is living in a pimped out 26-foot camper trailer (courtesy of his parents) on an RV park (courtesy about 15 miles from his base. How blessed are we to have two places to live! :) It sleeps 6 or 7, so feel free to visit!!! It has all the amenities (including air now that it has been repaired). If you are claustrophobic, it is not for you.

Other than that, it is business as usual - Brent is beginning his last block of classes and will graduate at the end of September. We are thinking of having a GA football/graduation bash. I met my new class for the fall semester today - I was nice and did not lecture, just reviewed the syllabus. I'm sure they hate me anyway - I give pop quizzes. I know - mean, just plain mean. Oh well.

More later - I have pictures to post from various events.
Jess and Brent

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