Wednesday, August 16, 2006

another "you must watch"

You must watch:

If you want to know why I find this so funny (and scary), then read in the Sept 2005 archives an entry titled "The treadmill", and you might gain enlightenment :)



Charlton said...

Unfortunately your "certain encounter" wasn't that gallant...if I remember correctly.
Hugging you!!

Jess and Brent said...

Why you gotta be like that, huh? Why you gotta bring up old un-gallant stuff, huh? That's allright, I'll let you slide this time...Hugging you back and missing you much - Hook

Syndey said...

Okay, this is very important.
Would you be willing to miss the UGA/ Vanderbilt game on Oct.14 to go to the Shorter game with myself and three other MI6 agents.
The other game that will work for the MI6 agents in question will be on Oct 7. I know that you have been assigned to the UGA/Tenn game that day. Anna, this is very important respond back to this BLOG ASAP! More info will come if you agree to the Oct.14 Shorter game mission.
Syndey, out

Anonymous said...

Syd - you are crazy girl - you are cracking me up!!!

I know the Oct 7 assignment is not negotiable. I will check on the Oct 14 with my partner - it is a special assignment (i.e., homecoming), but this is low priority for us.

Nov 4 actually looks like a good rendezvous date for me and my partner - how does it look for your team?

Let me know about Nov 4, and I'll get back to you also about Oct 14.

Anna, signing out.

Anonymous said...

Nov. 4 might work.
I will check with my partner.
Be advised that 11/4 is Homecoming at Shorter.

Sydney- out

Anonymous said...

Syd - awaiting your response. Nov 4 is looking even better from over here. Anna

Anonymous said...

Anna, it is a go.
See you in Rome on Nov 4 if not before.
Also, I have come across a free hotel (Fairfield) stay in my present location if you and your partner need a rest after the mission.

Do you think La Dawn could complete this mission?

Anonymous said...

Syd - Nov 4 it is. I may take you up on the free accommodations. And I have alerted La Dawn to the situation and she is a go. In fact, she may be at the rendezvous point at the previous dates you mentioned also.
And Syd - I think you missed your calling - you really should have been a spy. :) Love always and always, keep writing - Anna

Anonymous said...

Sark here-

All this girl on girl talk is exciting me... oh crap, it is Vaughn....

we will continue later

Sark out