Thursday, April 04, 2013

growing up so fast

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? She is growing up so fast, it is hard to keep up with the milestones!

She's running all over the place, getting more brave each day on the slide, and is a climbing fiend!

Her vocabulary is ridiculous and the words she has decided to be in her budding corpus always entertaining - lots of animal names, some clothing items, some places and temporal terms, some numbers and letters, etc. She can say Cash and Daddy and O (for Owen) and Nana and Poppy and Olivia (uh-de-ya), Oreo (the neighbor's cat - "O-we-o").... but little stubborn girl refuses to say Mommy ;-). She's saving the best for last I guess ;-).

Music and dancing, oh my goodness - all the time. Her current favorite song is "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters. She will point to my record player, spout off some gibberish w/ "dun" in there somewhere while bouncing up and down on her tip toes repeatedly (her current version of jumping). When the music comes on, she dances and claps and jumps. I think we played it back to back 7 times the other night. Such fun times.
She also has a new piano player (courtesy of Nana, what a surprise ;-), and of the many songs available to play, the one she selects over and over again is "Be our guest" from Beauty and the Beast.

She is just HILARIOUS! She had her first theatrical fake fall the other day, it was awesome. And her latest thing, when you ask her a question, is to look at you and say "Hmmm?". She cracks me up all of the time, I'm just smiling like crazy right now thinking about our times together.

Here are some recent pics of my sweetheart.

cute smile

smiling and laughing, playing with her piano from Nana and Easter lamb from Grandma Janice

walking (or marching really) with the grandparents

                                                                  playing music and looking in the mirror

                                                                      posing with Nana

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