Friday, February 15, 2013

18 month update

It was a pretty rough morning with the pediatrician - not only did she have to be examined and get her shots, she also fell and busted her lip - but the take home message - she is healthy. 50th, 50th, and 90th percentile. If you know her, you can easily guess which of those measurements ranked in the 90s ;-)

She is running, climbing, etc., meeting all motor milestones... and giving us mild heart attacks as she becomes more fearless. Any day now I expect to hear the "thump" of her falling out of her crib. (Parents, what should we do? Put pillows/cushions around the perimeter to soften the fall, or just leave it be and hope for the best? The latter choice scares me, now more than usual, probably b/c I'm teaching TBI this semester....).

Her receptive vocab is ridiculous - she blows me away. And her expressive is indeed exploding. (See previous post for other words: first-words). Her latest words are /ka/ for "car", "ow-oo" for "owl", "at" for "cat", "doggy", "uck" for "duck", and a carrier phrase "a [noun]" or "its a [noun]". She also tries really hard to say "alligator" - she gets the vowel right, which is hard. She uses that same vowel when trying to say "Abigail", which is her doll/rabbit that she reads with.

She is so happy, so sweet, so funny, so smart, so beautiful, so much of a blessing and gift to us.

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