Wednesday, May 04, 2011

stubborn little girl

So, we had another appointment to see Little Girl yesterday. But she wouldn't let us see her very well. No matter what the ultrasound tech tried to do, she wanted to stay curled up in a little ball, knee to nose. We did get another very clear picture confirming that we are indeed having a girl. And after much deep and uncomfortable poking and prodding, we were finally able to visualize all parts of the heart (unlike the last appointment), and her heart looks great.

So, as Little Girl continued to be uncooperative, the tech asked us who she gets this stubborn streak from. Brent and I said, simultaneously:
Me: "Me"
Brent: "Her"

The tech laughed, saying that most of the time couples try to pawn the stubborness off onto their spouse. But I'm not afraid to admit it.... and Brent isn't afraid to point the finger because we both know it is the truth ;-)


Mom said...

....pretty soon she won't have anywhere to hide - she will be consuming all that area that she now can move around in. . . and, of course her heart looks great - she belongs to you!

JDRichSLP said...

aw, thanks Mom! Love you!