Friday, April 08, 2011

Nomenclature (noun): name, designation; the act or process or an instance of naming…

Many of you have been asking about names, and we wanted to make sure we fulfill your requests. So, here are our top names, in no particular order. All have some special meaning to us and are just very very beautiful.

Abilene (nickname “Abby”; named after our fondly remembered 12 hour drives through the flat nondescript infinite landscape of Texas)

Aoleon (unfortunately often mispronounced, but still a top contender; possible nickname “Leon”; Brent likes the tomboy-ish nicknames)

Rozaysha (more popularly spelled as “Rosacea”; we went back and forth between Rosacea and Edema, and finally decided upon the former)

Aluminum (this one has special family significance, just ask Susan [mother-in-law] or Brent; nickname “Al” or “Lumi”)

Chavalita (the name with the most profound meaning of them all, means "little girl" in Spanish. Very deep and profound. We are particularly proud of this name option.)

We don't know what the middle name will be, but it will probably start with the letter "i". Given the abundance of first name options beginning with "a", her initials are likely to be "A I R", which we think is absolutely fabulous. We can then encourage her to live by the Air Jordan slogans "I believe I can fly" and "Become legendary" in accordance with her initials. This will be great! How many children do you know that have their own slogans?!?

(As a side note, our #6 name choice, which could still make it back into the top 5, is the name "Facetious".)

We hope you love the names as much as we do!

Jess and Brent

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