Sunday, June 14, 2009


So much going on in life right now. As a coworker said aptly, I never do anything halfway.
That includes life changes.

I remember, it seems like just months ago now, but it was actually 2 years, when I was trying to survive comprehensive exams and move at the same time. Torture, it was horrible, crazy, etc. Think I would have learned...

But I did not. Or, more specifically, the situation prevented me from applying my new knowledge.

In December, I landed this amazing job at the University of South Carolina, to begin in August. Ever since then, I've been in high gear, finishing up my dissertation. Meanwhile, Brent looked for and successfully landed an amazing job in Columbia, to begin...well, this Monday.

So, once again, we had to move while I am trying to survive dissertation. Brent took the bulk of the responsibility. But, last night, it came down to the wire - the movers were coming in the morning, there was MUCH left to pack, I had a migraine and didn't get home until ~ 9 anyway....not a good situation.

I called my family, just trying to force a little labor out of the little brother...and before I know it, all of my brothers, and an extra soul, show up at my house, and begin a packing frenzy. It was is amazing...sometimes (well, maybe most of the time) we drive each other crazy...but when it comes down to it, we are here for each other. Thank you Greg, Josh, Jonathan, and Ashley for helping Brent and I survive the madness.

I packed up my belongings for the next month or so into my car. Brent heads to Columbia to unpack tomorrow. His new job and new life begins on Monday. My dissertation wheels keep on turning...please keep me in your prayers...I'm so sleep deprived, sunlight deprived...I have a permanent eye twitch - stress or strain, I'm not sure...I'm isolated, out of necessity...and am in desperate need of the strength to keep going ... there is no time for slowing down, no room for error.

I am looking ahead, am believing that I will finish, that I will successfully defend, that I will, in fact, graduate...and then transition again... a new city, a new career, a new body of research to learn, new people to meet (that is the hardest part for me)....

The new stuff is exciting, scary, nerve-wracking. Transitioning away from the "old" is hard, sad, burdensome...especially when I can't spend my last few weeks hanging with my favorite people...

oh, change....I've never been a huge fan. But like most things in life, you come along, whether we are ready or not.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am glad your brothers came through for you!
You are so amazing.
One of the best, strongest women I know.

JDRichSLP said...

Thank you HSF!!! Such sweet comments...not sure if I deserve, but certainly appreciate