Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aphasia Awareness Month

June is Aphasia Awareness Month. Just hearing that, seeing that, brings about different thoughts.
Wonderful that someone, somewhere is trying to educate the world about aphasia, trying to raise awareness.
But, I haven't seen an ad, commercial, anything about aphasia. Is there value in assigning a "purpose" to a month if no one, no organization, is going to try and fulfill that purpose?

My heart is heavy about this because I know so many individuals with aphasia who I care for deeply - both the individuals with aphasia and their families - and I so wish that the world would be more aware of their struggle. Fighting tooth and nail with insurance companies for speech-language services, searching for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions when the doctor says "oh, this is as good as he is gonna get", traveling across the country just to try and find an intensive aphasia therapy program that is worth the thousands of thousands of dollars they require... it goes on and on.

If I could capture the spirit of these individuals, the drive, and bottle it, the world would be a different place, a better place.

Learn about aphasia today. Learn about the definition, the causes, the types, etc. Develop awareness. Seek out individuals with aphasia, if you know of any in your sphere, communicate with them. I doubt you will walk away from that experience the same person you were before. Check out for some insight into this communication impairment.

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