Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow in Athens

Those were just a few pictures of the damage. Our house is surrounded by 800 million trees, give or take a few, and the arrival of the winter storm brought on the falling of some very large limbs and branches.
At about 9pm last night, our power finally went out. Brent saw what he thought was lightning in the distance, but we found out this morning that it was actually a transformer blowing up. We were curled up by the fire on the futon, half in and out of sleep. I think we were both in that very close to the surface sleep state, when we both heard the very distinct sound of a creaking and breaking tree. We both immediately rolled off the futon and onto the floor - no discussion, no words necessary, no hesitation. It did not land on the house, just very close. Afterwards, and even now, I laugh about that stop-drop-and-roll moment.

Where did the road go?

A view down our street

A view up our street

Mr. Johnny Cash really enjoyed the snow

The sun is out! What a beautiful day!

Me and B

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