Friday, January 30, 2009


I was annoyed for a whole two minutes today. Once again, after five years of working at the university, I had to go hunt for my payroll check. It is not picked up regularly from payroll - sometimes person X picks it up, sometimes person Y picks it up, sometimes no one picks it up, sometimes I don't locate it until several days afterwards, and bill situations get tight.

Yes, I know, I could have it directly deposited, but because my assistantship money comes out of different funds or grants each semester, I was advised against that. I was recently informed that it no longer mattered, that all of the hitches were ironed out, but now that I am leaving in 6 months, I see no reason to do the direct deposit.

So, I was annoyed.

And then, I began to feel very very small.

"Hey there," the little voice said, "at least you have a paycheck this month. Remember so and so who doesn't have a job...remember so and so who is having to take odd jobs whenever he can just to still come short of paying the bills...Like I said, at least you have a paycheck this month."

So, I am no longer annoyed, just ashamed. And grateful - for my job, for being paid to learn and teach. Thank you, little voice, for the perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I understand.
There are many time when I am so frustrated with everything, then I hear that sweet little voice that reminds me of how blessed I am.
Praise the Lord for that little voice.