Monday, December 17, 2007

Post-comps for Jess and Post-grad for Jason

Jason's mom, Robin, Jonathan, me, Brent, Mom, Colby, Jason, Will, and Dr. A

I cannot convey with words the experience that was comps. I could convey it to you by naming the physical experiences of muscle tension, migraines, eye strain, sleep deprivation, tears, spending the night at school with golf club in hand for protection, and a constant fear in the pit of my stomach, but I don't know that I have, or even want to find, the words.

I turned in my written exams, knowing there were errors and mistakes. I then had to continue working in the clinic and preparing for my fall class while trying to make the corrections in preparation for my oral exam and also while trying to sell the house, find a house for rent, and move. The day of my oral exam was 2 days after we moved - Brent and I cannot thank Colby, Jason, Jonathan, Larry, Susan, and Mom enough for getting us through that crazy time - We COULD NOT have done it without you!!!The day of my oral exams finally arrived. All you need to know is that I passed - thank you committee. You do not need to know that I got so frustrated that I cried during the exam, or that I've never felt so stupid in my entire life, but now you do...apparently both are a rite of passage. Dr. G put it in perspective for me - he said (I'm paraphrasing) that we are always supposed to realize that there are gaps in our knowledge - that is how we know what to research next - and that if I had walked in and out of there thinking I knew everything, that they would be concerned b/c that would mean that I had not learned anything at all!

The picture above is of the post-oral comps dinner at, of course, On the Border. I don't have any pics of the post-written comps dinner...I think my mom does, and I'm told that I look a hot mess. I had been awake for several days straight, was incredibly exhausted, had a headache, and was drinking a margarita and eating cheese dip (no, not at On the Border, actually at La Fiesta) and I think a picture exists of me looking quite...disoriented.

Jason, I mean, Dr. J

Jason and Robin

Jason and his work-wives

Dr. A and his doc students

THE AFTER PARTY - Robin, I could NOT have done it without you!!! I looked though all of Schawna's pics from the party, and I don't have a picture of you where you are not working behind the scenes to make the party so wonderful. Thank you.
Sharing a few laughs....can you hear the Count Chocula laugh?

Jason and Brent

Our gracious hostess, Dr. B. Her girls put on a wonderful princess ballerina concert for us during the party

My bro, hanging out with the old folks (yes, Jason, I'm talking about you :)

My mom's thunder was stolen this day. Jason's graduation and our celebration was on Mom's birthday. She was a good sport about it, though, and all was forgiven when I presented her with her AWESOME caramel cake from Cecilia's.

Me and Kobs

The girls - we have so many pictures of the three of us...and I think Schawna is ALWAYS in the middle! We need to change up our rotation ladies!

Jason and his ladies

Jess and the Thom's

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