Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Things you've missed AND Quick blog while eating

Dog Jog 2007 in Piedmont Park. I promise, we did not mean to coordinate the Georgia gear!!! Believe it or not,I also saw some Winder folk there - it was great to see you Paul!

Me and Colby, the running warriors

Look at this cutie wearing "doggles"

Ready, Set, Go!!! Good thing there was no gunshot to start us off, or it could have been a disaster.

At the halfway mark!

Jonathan finishing the drill!
Brent's baptism at Union Baptist on Mother's Day 2007

Family gathering on Mother's Day 2007

The cousins and friends after a hard day of playing

/\ Me and my Uncle C on his visit from Germany. I'm so sorry I could not spend as much time as we wanted :(
Just eating T-Bell at CUPS and taking a brain break. Thought I'd write quickly.

I spent my time at Starbucks yesterday after CPR certification in the morning. WRONG day to be at Starbucks. Apparently it was the release date for Paul McCartney's latest album, and they played the same CD over and over and over and over and over again. I couldn't even drown it out with my ear plugs or with my MP3 player, it was so obnoxious. Don't get me wrong, the music wasn't that bad, but should be listened to in moderation, in small doses.

Anyway...going to get back to work. This morning was devoted to the creation and completion of a table for my comps, and this afternoon will be devoted to the 3 or 4 pages of text that go along with it. This evening, ...probably reading/researching.


My music for comps - Robert Randolph and the Family Band (LOVE!), Jeremy Camp (Unplugged), Selah (Hiding Place), Jami Smith, Third Day, Swing Kids Soundtrack


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the updated BLog.
Also thanks for explaining comps.
Good to hear from you.
Enjoyed our phone call about Sawgrass.

The Johnson Family said...

Hey woman! Wow - I had no idea what comps was - and now my head hurts...I will be praying for you big time on that! Hey you will be able to appreciate Evie's latest blog and her new dancing moves (I think she got them from you). her blog is
WE love you!
cristi and evie and tommy