Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm sitting here at the coffee house, trying to get some work done, and what do I hear over the speakers??? SCARY MUSIC!!! They are playing scary Halloween music, and the batteries to my MP3 are dead, so I can't tune it out!!! Don't they know I'm going to have nightmares??? "I'm freakin' out man!" (Name that (horrible) movie.)

Love ya - Jess


Charlton said...

I don't know.
Tell me.

Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

Are they playing Nightmare on Elm Street music?

Anonymous said...

You are such a baby! :)
Do remember seeing Six Sense at the movies?
I laughed so hard at you and C.
or, the graveyard!

r u ready for the weekend mission?


Jess and Brent said...

Uncle C - the horrible move is "Super Troopers" - don't watch it, not even a little bit. I actually got this line off of a preview for it.

Jill and Chuck - it was a little Nightmare, a little creepy stalking music, some ghosts and goblin noises, etc. NOT cool at all!!! And why you gotta bring up the Elm?

Syd - why you gotta bring up the graveyard???? I'm still traumatized by that experience!!! And YES, I'm ready for the weekend rendezvous. Lunch somewhere, maybe ~ 1p or so? There is an Applebee's (I think) right up the road from the football field.

Anonymous said...

meeting Jones @ casa @ 1:30

Anonymous said...


check it out.

Anonymous said...

hey - time for a new post - I read your blog every other day or so and I am going through withdrawl on Brent and Jess news - I LOVE YOU
cristi stewart-johnson